Attention to environmental issues and respect for the beauty of nature have guided us in researching fabrics that can be labelled as BIO-GREEN.

This line is becoming an increasingly important part of our collections.

We work with spinning mills to create and promote natural fibers that have special properties while still meeting our aesthetic standards.

Over the course of the years, our efforts have focused on creating biofabrics as well as experimenting with new natural fibers.

We have created extraordinary fabrics using BAMBOO FIBERS, MILK FIBERS, BIOCOTTON, and RECYCLED FIBERS.


To create the fiber, liquid milk is dried and its proteins extracted. The separated proteins are then dissolved in a chemical solution and placed into a machine that essentially whirls the fibers together. The fibers can then be spun into yarn and knitted into fabric. Milk fabric holds dye, is breathable and it captures the moisture to make skin tender and smooth. It stimulates blood circulation and it is a natural antibacterial agent.


The BAMBOO FIBER  is a smooth, soft but dry touching material for textile application.
It is antibacterial, no allergy, UV protector and extra comfortable to wear due to the easy moisture evaporation; what’s more it has an extremely good transpiration property, that’s why this fiber would be named “breathing fiber”